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Hands-on wildlife work
Vet students
Big cats and more!
Group experience
Conservation & rehab
Vettech, animal care, biology
Hands-on, big cats & monkeys
Aspiring zoo worker?
Unique experience!!!
Vet students
Rural animal medicine
Very remote, not for sissies
Hands-on Namibian magic
Vet students
Everyday-vet experience
Wildlife & domestics
Learn how to dart domestics
Vet students in group
Shoot the dart gun yourself
Booking well in front needed
Baboon conservation
Biology & animal lovers
Wildlife hotspot
Do your thesis here!!
Iconic Table Mountain
The adventurers
Snorkel with seals
No specific vet work
Marine mammal conserv.
Biology, animal lovers
Teach local school children
No specific vet work
High intense
Vet students only
Advanced skills required
Unavailable 2020

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One year of Curiosity

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The Wildest Trail is our passion, and lifestyle. Our hopes is to get it as widely known as possible. At the same time we are convinced there are many more opportunities to be discovered with amazing organisations that do incredible work.

That’s why we will commit to one year of curiosity, going into the moist jungles of Asia, the iconic plains of Africa and the world below the crashing waves of the seven seas trying to expand The Wildest Trail. Along the way we hope to inspire anyone who cares about looking at the world through new exciting and adventurous glasses.

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