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Jonas Spruyt DVM

I think never ending schooling is important, it’s also something I really enjoy! I have been an all-rounder since I was a child. This also translates to my work, I equally enjoy doing a cesarean in a cow or diagnosing a frog with a foreign body (btw use a flash light!). I love doing surgery and anesthesia the most!

“I want to become the best all-round vet I can be!”

I am relatively active on social media, with cases, surgeries and behind the scene stories. Please check my socials below if you like to learn more!

Barbara Beci

Barbara Beci DVM

I grew up between the cows on the Slovenian countryside. As a farm girl, I always knew I wanted to do large animal veterinary medicine. Curiosity is hunting me to move between countries and learn new things. The more I know, the more I also know that I still need to learn a lot. Bovine reproduction and fertility is my speciality, I am continuing to improve myself in embryo flushing and transferring, and infertility assistance. 

I am quite active on social media, because I love sharing my knowledge. Please check my socials below if you like to see cases, surgeries and tips and tricks!



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Our Commitment To You

Mentors & mentees

We want to do work that drives and inspires us every day. We also understand the power of personal branding and networking. We mean to learn as much as we can from as many of specialists as possible, herin mentorship is very important. Having learned already so much, we want to be as good of mentors as we can be for new and upcoming young stars as well, like YOU!

International networking and exposure really is the biggest tool to your professional growth. We try to live to our own example!


Job placements

Yup. We have worked in 6 different countries combined. We sure know which one was our favorite!


Happy students

That’s the number of people we were able to connect with professionals in the field over the past few years!



It may not be that much yet, but we absolutely love it. We aim to grow slowly to so we can provide quality in every talk we give!

One year of Curiosity

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The Wildest Trail is our passion, and lifestyle. Our hopes is to get it as widely known as possible. At the same time we are convinced there are many more opportunities to be discovered with amazing organisations that do incredible work.

That’s why we will commit to one year of curiosity, going into the moist jungles of Asia, the iconic plains of Africa and the world below the crashing waves of the seven seas trying to expand The Wildest Trail. Along the way we hope to inspire anyone who cares about looking at the world through new exciting and adventurous glasses.

Someone just like you!


Maybe you have an idea of your own, but don’t know how to do it? Let us know, maybe we can help!