The Wildest Trail DVM Jonas Spruyt, DVM Barbara Beci

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DVM Jonas Spruyt

The Wildest Projects

Find out how YOU can create your own wildest trail!

DVM Barbara Beci

The Wildest Projects We want to connect you with professionals in the field!

The Wildest Trail Foundation is a non-profit organisation we created in 2015 to allow students exposure to a fascinating new life, by means of an internship. We provide a platform for unique projects, via which students get the opportunity to gain invaluable life and work experiences, while supporting local communities, charity organizations and veterinarians on site.

The Power Couple Enthusiastic, curious and whee bit crazy...

Jonas Spruyt & Barbara Beci

We absolutely love being veterinarians.

One year of Curiosity

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The Wildest Trail is our passion, and lifestyle. Our hopes is to get it as widely known as possible. At the same time we are convinced there are many more opportunities to be discovered with amazing organisations that do incredible work.

That’s why we will commit to one year of curiosity, going into the moist jungles of Asia, the iconic plains of Africa and the world below the crashing waves of the seven seas trying to expand The Wildest Trail. Along the way we hope to inspire anyone who cares about looking at the world through new exciting and adventurous glasses.

Someone just like you!


Maybe you have an idea of your own, but don’t know how to do it? Let us know, maybe we can help!